Saturday, March 12, 2011

What will the specs be for the iPhone 5

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What upgrades will Apple make when they come out with the iPhone 5 this summer?
1.  Better antenna.  The iPhone 4 has problems with dropping calls and the antenna needs to be fixed.
2.  Upgraded processor.  The iPhone 5 a better processor, maybe dual core.
4.  64 GB of hard drive space.  The logical thing is to add more space to save all your files.

1.  1 GB of Ram.  Apple will continue to upgrade the speed the the phone.
2.  Larger screen.  A 4 inch screen would be nice, but Apple already has three different screen sizes on the app store and adding another would be a headache to developers. Of course there are many bezels on the internet that show a four inch screen so maybe Apple will include it. 
3.  Adding NFC capaplity.  Apple may do this, but Apple does not add qualitiies to their products unless these qualities will work well, and not cause problems.  NFC technology may be to new and untested for Apple to use it.
4.  Remove the home button.  Apple wants to do this at some point, but it may be to early for to expect it in the iPhone 5.
5.  4G Apple might add the faster network, but maybe not.
6.  Different types:  Apple may add an iPhone nano, or an iPhone with a slide out keyboard.

What do you think the iPhone 5 will have? Tell me by making a comment.

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