Monday, March 14, 2011

How to put Flash on your iPad or iPhone

One of the biggest problems with the iPad and iPhone is that they are not able to use flash.  However there are some ways to put flash on your iDevice.  One way is to download the app called CloudBrowser.  It allows you to access flash content on the web.  It is not the best solution, but if you really want to watch a Hulu movies (and do not want to pay Hulu lots of money each month) it will work.  Another way to get flash is to use Frash.  You will need to jailbreak our device to be able to use this app.  Also the app is still in development, so it might not work well for you.  To see a guide in how to install it click here.  Another way we might be able to get flash is wait until Wallaby tool is used widely and websites will be in HTML5 instead of flash.

Do you have flash on your device?
Do you wish you did?
Tell me about it by making a comment. 

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