Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to get a Honeycomb Tablet for under $300

1.  Buy a color Nook for $250.
2.  Buy an SD card of at least 4GB.
3.  Download onto your computer.
5.  Unzip the file you downloaded (WinRAR is one program that will do this).
6.  Connect the SD card to your computer.
7.  Download WinImage, and under 'Disk' choose "Restore Virtual Image to Physical Drive." Choose your SD card reader's drive. Change the files shown at the bottom to "all files" and select the file.
 8.  Turn off your Nook, put the SD card in, then turn your Nook back on and you will be running Honeycomb for less than $300.

For more detailed instructions click here.

What do you think?  Who wouldn't want a table PC for much cheaper?

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