Thursday, March 17, 2011

Apple vs. Andriod vs. ????? Tablet PC

What company has the best tablet PC?

Apple started the whole industry and has significant advantages to the competition, and with the iPad 2 they are putting the bar extremely high.  The advantages of an Apple tablet are:
1.  The App store.  Apple has many more tablet apps than Android.  That fact may change one day, but for Apple has a solid software advantage. 
2.  Looks.  Apple makes its devices look great.  The iPad 2 is slim and just looks cool.  Not to say that the Xoom does not look cool, but I think Apple has the advantage here (especially with their new cases). 
3.  The Apple name.  Apple has the advantage of being a cool company.  People want Apple products for the Apple logo. 
4.  Preparedness:  Apple is extremely prepared and has been planning its devices for a long time.  Apple only makes products that work extremely well.  Xoom on the other hand seemed rushed and did not seem to be very well planned. 
Android (Specifically Xoom(for now)):
1.  Customization:  The whole point of the open source operating system of Android is to all lots of customization.  Unless you want to jailbreak your iPad (and void the warrenty, and spend time actually doing it) the Xoom wins here. 
2.  Ram:  The Xoom has a GB of ram as opposed to the iPad 2's 512mb of Ram.
HP Touchpad:
This product will come out this summer.  Its success will come down to the success of the operating system: webOS.  If HP can get developers to create large amounts of Apps for the tablet, HP may become the new tablet leader. 
There are other tablets, but I do not think that any others really have much of a shot to over take Apple. 
Apple has a significant lead in the tablet market, and Android will not be able to catch up until, they have enough apps to compete with Apple.  Even then, I do not think that Android will be able to catch up unless the tablet manufactures are able to make cheaper products.  Also since Android is a free operating system, the manufactures do not worry about software at all.  Only when Android tablets are much cheaper than the iPad will Android be able to defeat Apple.  HP is the obvious underdog, however if they are able toe get developers, they have a large enough company to overtake Apple.  In many ways HP is similar to Apple a few years ago.  If HP is able to do not only produce hardware, but also the software for their prodcut, I think that they have the best chance of over taking Apple. 
The iPad 2 is the best tablet now, but I think that HP will eventually overtake them.  Android will remain a competitor, but will never be a huge threat to either. 

What do you think?  Tell me by making a comment. 

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