Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hydrogen Car

Who wants to save money on gas?Who wants to save the environment?    Who wants to kill two birds with one stone?  Hydrogen cars could be the future.  They could be the perfect way to both save the environment and save the pocketbook.  Unfortunately there is no real option to buy a hydrogen car at this point in time.  And even after they do come out they will be expensive and it will be difficult to find fuel.  However, there are solutions to these problems.

The first problem is the fact that no one owns a hydrogen car, and no one can just go out and buy one.  Even if we could buy a hydrogen car they would be absurdly expensive.  Luckily all is not lost.  A normal car has the capability to use hydrogen as the fuel.  While it requires a few changes ( mostly making the engine water proof), it is possible to make your everyday car run on hydrogen as well as gas.  Of course this fact is no secret and has been around for some time.

Now we come to our second problem: how to fuel our hydrogen car.  We could hire some large gas company to sell everyone hydrogen, but  that is not going to happen for quite a few years.  Some people think that we can just break water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.  While we can obtain oxygen though this method, it will require extra electricity and is not efficient.  Fortunately there is a way to obtain hydrogen from the least likely place: waste.  Researchers at Penn State found a type of bacteria that in certain conditions is able to create hydrogen from garbage. Using this method we would be able to create hydrogen efficiently and will little energy.  The amount of energy needed to create the hydrogen is important because if it is small enough (as with the bacteria method) it is possible to create the hydrogen inside the car. If the hydrogen is created inside the car, then there is no need to store the hydrogen (how to store hydrogen is one of the biggest problems using hydrogen has a fuel has). 

All of the problems have been solved.  All we need to do is put these ideas into practical use.  Just imagine never buying gas again.  We have the technology.  All we need to do is put it into place.

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