Friday, March 9, 2012

Why not to buy an Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are extremely expensive.  Right now they will run you upwards of 800 dollars.  Unfortunately for all who wish to compute on a portable computer it is necessary to pay an arm and a leg for a computer that will not be able to hand anything other word processing and web browsing (nice ultrabooks can do a little more but since ultrabooks do not have discrete graphics they will never be able to do much more).   Thankfully all of that is about to change.  AMD is coming out with (in April) a new line of processors code named trinity.  They will be a continuation of their A series processors.  The great thing about these processors is the fact that they have a discrete level graphics on the processor chip.  This means that they can make average level gaming computers for much cheaper.  AMD claims that they will be able to have ultrathin laptops in the 500 dollar range that will be as fast as current A series processor.  This means that instead of paying 1000 dollars for an ultrabook that has pathetic Intel graphics one can pay half of that for a computer that will have ATI level graphics.  Unless you simply love Intel or send your free time burning hundred dollar bills, do not buy an ultrabook right now.  Wait for AMD to come out with their ultrathin.  

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